Coffee and catch up with Simon Robinson - MD for Level

Hello everyone,

This week we talk with Simon Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Level and sponsor for our HR network meetings.

Simon, you were one of our first sponsors for one of our networks in 2018.  Can you share a little as to why you took up this opportunity?

Of course.  It was great to be the first sponsor of the SSF UK HR Network.

We were looking to get first hand insight into the day to day business issues members of SSFUK are wrestling with.  I also felt it was a great opportunity to share information with members about what we are doing and where we are heading with our artificial intelligence platform.  Getting feedback from people working in different market sectors and different business functions helps us with product development, as does being able to bounce ideas around and share experience in a constructive and supportive environment.  We felt SSFUK offered us exactly what we were looking for.

How do you maximise your sponsorship with SSFUK?

By engaging with people.  It would be so easy to just have the logo on display and not much more, which is often what happens with sponsorships.  The SSFUK team are really proactive with the membership, so social media is proving to be a useful tool for sharing information – we are working jointly on getting information out to the membership using this medium.

The package also enables us to present and meet with the network members at quarterly meetings. This has been great for Level as it gives us the opportunity to help make people aware of what artificial intelligence actually is and does.  There is so little information out there and a lot of mis-information about what AI and RPA are and what they do.  People see them as the same things, which they are not.  That’s obviously not being helped by the supplier community who use the terms interchangeably.   As part of the package we will also be speaking and exhibiting at the upcoming conference in October, which we are looking forward to.

So what do you have planned for the conference?

Well, I will be speaking to the newly merged HR and Payroll network meeting on Monday afternoon. The conference theme, Future Vision, the art of the possible, is very much part of how we see the future of work.  We will be demonstrating our intelligent applications, talking through a couple of use case, but mainly we would like to engage with delegates to understand what questions they have about AI what their plans are.  AI is a word that is on everyone's lips, but only a small number of  clients are really doing anything significant with it.  That is going to change over the next two years as not having an AI strategy is starting to affect companies share price, with analysts in the City starting to ask companies ‘what is your AI strategy?’

How can delegates who are not part of the HR and Payroll network meeting find out more?

As I mentioned, we will also be exhibiting at the conference, so anyone is free to come by and talk to us about what we do, the problems the technology can address and the opportunity it presents to shared service operations.  If you believe the press, everyone seems to think AI is going to us all redundant.  We think its going to improve people quality of life in the workplace.  So don’t, we have people on our stand, not robots.

And if members are unable to attend the conference, how can they find out more?

Follow us on social media and sign up for our blogs, these all provide lots of useful information, insights and case studies. Get to know a bit more about Level to see how we could help your organisation. We can also be a bit revolutionary and come and see you.  I think it is going to be a while before a terminator robot pops out to see a client.  We quite like our people.

Twitter - @leveplatform 

LinkedIn – Level Global 

Website –



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