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We actively encourage member-to-member exchanges and it is a key element of our active community. Members can engage with other members openly in our exclusive Members’ Area.  Have a question, want to open a debate? Then start a discussion!


Here you can find a wealth of downloadable documents created by our members, ranging from best practice papers, to meeting notes and reports. Preview on-screen or download directly to your device.


Find out the latest news from Shared Services Forum UK.  Keep up-to-date on changes to the business and achievements in the wider community; join in the conversation by submitting your own successes and acknowledging the work of your team.  


Register for all Shared Services Forum UK events through our online listing, we'll notify you to confirm your place and send out a polite reminder a couple of days before. Unable to attend? Don’t worry, you can also download the meeting notes, presentations and all relevant documents from our resour...


Shared Services Forum UK offers an extensive package of member benefits including the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, whose passion is the pursuit and deployment of business excellence in Shared Services. 

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