Abigail Barnes - Productive wellbeing & the 888 formula, creating a resilient workforce.

There is a unique opportunity right now for Visionary Organisations that are able to think and act nimbly. The world is hungry for Leaders, for innovative Companies that have learned and evolved during 'Covid-Times' and are ready to implement new strategies and approaches not tried before/in decades. Building resilientorganisations and teams equipped with the ability to recover, learn, and bounce back from the challenges of 2020 stronger and more capable to cope with change than ever before. 

During this fast-paced session, we will talk about, the productivity problem, wellbeing beyond the hype, the 888 Formula, and how this holistic approach provides a framework to improve resilience and productivity for NextTEN, NextGEN Organisations. 

Key Session Takeaways:

 - The Productivity Problem & Wellbeing beyond the Hype

 - Creating a culture of Productive Wellbeing

 - The 888 Formula & Resilience 

Caspar Craven - Be more Human: Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork

The world in 2020 has changed and the old rules for building high-performance teams have been ripped up. Fresh thinking is needed to prepare our teams to not only be capable of smashing big bold goals together, but to help each team member thrive in all areas of their lives. 

Attendees will be taken on an unforgettable journey filled with humanity and powerful insights on how to re-think achieving goals in an uncertain and changing environment and how to be more human and to use these insights to shape how you can work together as a team to tackle the challenges and big bold goals in the next 10 years and beyond.

Every person will leave with impactful take-aways drawn from the twenty core principles in Caspar’s most recent book -  Be More Human - Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork.

 Specific Takeaways:

- Understand why it has to be people first and results will follow

- Discover ways to listen deeply and build trust in your team

- Know when to have relentless action and when to take care of the team

- Learn how to get a team that grows and builds on its strengths

- Learn how to manage your emotional responses as we adapt to change and uncertainty

Sophie Bennett - The Mystery of Motivation: Unlock the secrets of what really motivates us and ignite your leadership.

In this fascinating session you’ll discover The 5 Flames of Motivation and how to use them to light up yourself and your team.  Backed by the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology, apply the 5 flames to ignite your true potential and future proof your career. The world of work is changing at breakneck speed, but one thing you always have control of is your own thoughts and powers of observation. By thinking differently and recognising what drives people, you can build leadership superpowers to help you navigate the next TEN and the next GEN. The newest frontier of innovation is the technology of YOU. How do you supercharge yourself? How do you communicate and motivate others so that they can do the same? You’ll find the answers in the flames; learn new ways to fire yourself up, light up your team and have more impact than you ever thought possible.

Thea Watson, Paul Venable, Karen Young, Hays - NextTen: Work-Life (model) through a future lens

In this interactive session, Hays will share their vision for the future of working life, incorporating people scenarios, technology ideas and industry trends, via an exciting video blog and a live interview, with an opportunity for members to ask questions.

Dave Coplin - The Rise of the Humans: Dialling in to the Future of Work

In the past few months we have likely learned more about the potential of technology in both our personal and professional lives than most of us have learned in the last ten years.  What began as a way of coping with the extremity of the situation is fast becoming our new way of working.  At the heart of the change lies not just a new affinity with technology, but a desire to both live and work in a way that is fundamentally different to that which we have experienced before.

What lies ahead now for most organisations is how we explore the longer term implications of the cultural and technological change we have experienced in order to help our customers stay relevant in what is expected to be a very different world.

Just as before, we know data will remain at the heart of everything we do, but given the uncertainty and change that lies ahead, how can we be sure we are making the best use of it to drive the kind of experiences our customers and our employees are going to need?

In this session we will explore how a world of Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies will affect all aspects of our lives as individuals, as consumers and customers, as employees, and in business. We’ll look at the problems we face, and the mistakes and assumptions we make and how we should be using such technology to reimagine how we live, work and do business.

Penny Weller - Picking the Right Key Performance Indicators for Your GBS Organisation

2020 will be a year to remember. An unprecedented start to the new decade, in which organisations have had to completely re-think their ways of working, adapting and addressing challenges through agility and innovation. Now, in this the next normal, deciding which metrics to measure and measuring performance effectively is critical to the success of your global business services (GBS). With your C-suite, key stakeholders and operations teams all having different viewpoints and priorities, it is important to understand what your audience needs to know and why, and how disruption – such as what we are experiencing today ­– can have an impact on how we view and measure success.

Hear from The Hackett Group’s Penny Weller, Ph.D., ADGBS, senior director of GBS Advisory and course author of the Certificate in GBS, as she presents the Hackett methodology to understand and accelerate the selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the importance of training your teams to effectively measure performance.

Debra Corey: 10 trends impacting the world of work and employee engagement

We're all living and operating in new and challenging times. And more than ever, we need to find ways to connect, support and engage our workforce in meaningful and effective ways so that our businesses and people survive and thrive. In this session, Debra will share 10 of these trends, as well as tips and stories to help drive engagement now and in the future.

Anurag Srivastava: 2020 and Beyond. Key learnings, what will be the impact on the future of Delivery & Location Strategies

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been one of the most significant disruptors of our time – and global services delivery has not escaped the impact.

In this session, we move beyond commiseration and conjecture and provide a fact-based view of the already-visible effects of the pandemic based on our tracking of outsourcing deals, new global business / shared services centres, location-specific trends, and service provider developments.

We will also take a deep dive into the implications of these developments on future delivery and locations strategies, such as key changes to delivery portfolios, trends in onshoring vs. offshoring, locations portfolio consolidation vs. diversification, rise in large scale hubs vs. small scale centres, and adoption of a remote / work from home delivery model.

  • How has COVID-19 impacted outsourcing and offshoring services?
  • How do global enterprises seem to be changing their delivery strategies (e.g., sourcing model, shoring mix, investments in digital and transformation)?
  • What changes are we already seeing in leverage of delivery locations (onshore/nearshore/offshore); how are things likely to change going forward?
  • What changes will we see in how enterprises orchestrate their delivery portfolios (e.g., integrate remote delivery, hubs vs. spokes vs. satellites, growth in tier-2/3 cities)?
  • How should firms navigate this massive disruption by going back to design principles?

Steve Backshall - Climate, our changing world and our place in it

In this session Steve will talk about how the world has tangibly changed within the fifty years, he has been alive., taking all his experiential and statistical revelations into account. Steve will also talk about the critical function of the next ten years.


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