Nominations for the Future Vision Awards 2021 have been extended until the end of the week. Thank you to everyone who has nominated so far and we look forward to opening the voting next week.

Just to remind you of the categories:



Someone who, either through their work or extra-curricular activities, has introduced, developed or contributed to a sense of community within their workplace, the shared services industry or the community in which their business operates.


Someone who has shown exceptional leadership qualities, that have made a significant positive impact and difference to their team. 


Someone who has embraced change, technology or other opportunities to create transformation and helped show others the way, through their vision. 

Disruptive Innovation

This award category has been created to recognise a member company who are leading and driving business change through disruptive innovation. They will have having a clear vision and strategic plan for their future shared services operating environment, incorporating both a short and  long term view of change, across delivery, performance and improvement in both people and technology dimensions. They will be able to clearly articulate, how disruptive innovation is impacting right now  and how this is shaping their future plans to ensure that they encourage creative, widely accessible and affordable business processes and solutions that leverage ‘disruptive innovation.

Please email your nominations to including a brief description of who you are nominating and why, along with a photograph of the nominee.

Please note it is one nomination per category for each member organisation - (a max of 4 nominations and the same person cannot be nominated for more than 1 award). Please keep your description to no more than 100 words, any words above this will not be included. You will only be voting for the community, leadership, evolution and conference theme award.

Nominations will close on Friday October 15th and voting will open on Monday October 18th!!



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